Conquer The World In Game

Territorial io is a multiplayer territory-conquering strategize game in which you are able to decide to become the nation of any name and location. The goal is to accumulate enough balance to increase your territory simply by annexed land, fighting with other countries, as well as launching sail to new continents and islands. This is our beginner’s guide, with suggestions and tricks to provide you some direction in you play the game.When you first start the game, you’ll be presented with two different game modes. One is Multiplayer in which you fight opponents or single player where you are able to battle bots while adjusting the difficulty. It is recommended to begin by playing the Single Player mode if you have just begun the game and want to become familiar with the game’s mechanics and system. Begin with the easy difficulty, then gradually increase it until the Hard. is a game with a variety of kinds of maps that you can choose from, with each featuring different terrains and conditions. If you’re not a fan of conducting naval battles, you can pick maps where there is only land, such as The White Arena and the Black Arena.

Once you’ve mastered your skills through Single Player mode, you could be prepared to battle with other gamers. If you’re not sure and would like to be able to show some handicap, then you could choose the Team Multiplayer option in which you’ll be assigned to the form of a Random Color Team.

You have two options that you can take on expanding and attacking. It is by land or by setting sail across the ocean. Because land expansion moves quicker than ocean (since your army is required to move through water first) it is best to concentrate on expanding your territory to large areas of land.

This is why we advise you to pick your start location on a large continent instead of tiny islands because the initial few seconds during the gameplay are most crucial when you race against other players for empty lands. Larger land also means more Balance and therefore, you should concentrate on them first and make a decent size of your country’s territory.

Real players are far more difficult to control because they might not be able to accept an offer to compromise and completely destroy your account. So, you may think that attacking bots first would be an excellent idea however, you could also consider the reverse.